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Ba Da Ba Ba Ba I’m Loving It (McDonald’s)

I’ve been eating a lot of McDonald’s lately. More often than that actually. It is just so easy for me. After work, I can just get off the bus, walk there, and then walk home. I must have had every thing on the menu. I will admit that some items are better than others (pretty much everything except the McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish, how I loathe you). I think it’s pretty surprising that supersizing is actually available again. I will admit that I chose that more than I should because I am a big fan of their fries. I think this may be because all the salt but a large drink can usually fix this. I am a coke fiend. I am comfortable saying this but that would have been strange without any context. Again I have tried everything they have but my favorites have to be the Angus Bacon & Cheese Third Pounder and the CBO. Those are usually my go to choices. The people who work at the location I frequent most also seem to know me very well. They always have the large fry box ready and my orders seem to come out faster and faster because they know what I normally order.

My world as I know it has now changed since they have introduced their Great Canadian Taste Adventure items. Of course I had to try them all and so far I have. I have had the Chocolate Nainamo bar sundae, the Maple Bacon Poutine, the Cottage Country Chicken, and the Western BBQ Burger. I have to say that I am a fan of all of them except for the poutine. When I thought maple bacon poutine, I was thinking that it would have maple bacon inside instead of the maple being in the gravy. I’m not discouraged though since I have been rarely disappointed with what they have to offer. I will definitely keep coming back, they haven’t released the McLobster yet.