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Keith NoakesJuly 7, 2015

To get ready for Fallout 4, I decided to go back and play through Fallout 3 again. For the first part click here.

After getting a little off-course in Springvale, I decided to continue with the story by going to Megaton (seen here at night).


It was exactly how I remembered it, desolate and decrepit. As soon as I walked through the main gate, I was approached by one Lucas Simms, the town, sheriff.


I then waltzed my way into Moriarty’s where I stumbled on this obviously not shady guy in a suit sitting down in the corner.


But in all actuality, I remember him as the guy who wanted me to activate the bomb in the middle of the town and blow it up. I don’t remember what I chose to do the first time but I recall that not blowing the bomb up gives me a house in Megaton and blowing up the bomb gives me a suite in Tenpenny Tower which looks rather nice and I think I would much rather have that than a house in Megaton. It doesn’t matter what I want now because my explosives skill isn’t high enough to do anything yet.


This is where I’m roughly at right now.


I don’t remember too much about what I had to do in Megaton so being in Moriarty’s, like the quest marker wanted me to be, I just started talking to people inside. After talking to a few people, I learned that the bar owner, Moriarty, collects information about the town’s residents and the town’s visitors on a terminal in which he holds near and dear and is a big asshole. Luckily I was able to speech someone into giving me the password for said terminal so I was feeling pretty good at the moment. Once I started talking to Moriarty, I learned for myself ho much of an asshole he really was with his stupid Irish accent. When I brought up the subject of my father, which was what the quest (and most of the game) is about, he offered to give me that information for the price of 100 bottlecaps. Being that I have just started the game, I did not have too many bottlecaps to call my own. I decided with that to speech him down to a lower rate. After I failed that, I just decided to go for the terminal. It was surprisingly easy considering where I was at the time.


So I was able to get the information from Moriarty’s terminal with little fanfare. With this new information, I was set to leave Megaton and continue exploring but first I went to Craterside Supply to pick up some things but it looked like that it wasn’t a good time.


One of the advantages of playing the PC version of the game is the developer’s console. I tried the toggle clipping command (tcl) to see if I could get inside. I did but that did not really help me too much,


Where did everyone or even everything go? Oh well. Time to move on. Once out, I came across a billboard promoting some sort of TV show. If it were real, I would definitely watch that.


Let’s go over there.


Let’s not go over there.


I kind of miss it at this point.


Let’s go over there instead.


The raider with a flamethrower did not stand a chance against my trusty police baton.


Captain Cosmos is everywhere.


I don’t think I want to go down there right now.


Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally press the mouse wheel button and your game gets minimized and you can’t bring it back. What aggravated the whole situation was that after playing for so long, of course I didn’t save my game which means that all my progress since leaving Megaton was lost.

Captain Cosmos, how comforting it is to see you once again.


That moment when you are running away from raiders with guns while all you have is a police baton but then you run into some much needed supplies.


Let’s go there now.


You know you’ve made it when …


I don’t think they’re open.


I don’t think I’m ready to go down there just yet.


You never know when you’ll need one of these.


That reminds me, I’m getting hungry.



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