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Now That’s What I Call Addiction

I previously talked about how much television I watch. I like all kinds of TV. I watch dramas, comedies, reality shows, sporting events, etc. I’ve already covered this here and here. For as long as I can remember, I have been planning my TV viewing for the week. I even made a grid in a word file where I would have sub grids for every day of the week where each individual day was divided into prime time hours (8-11 Monday-Saturday and 8-12 Sunday). I would place all the shows I watch into each hour according to the TV guide website I consult weekly which is on Zap2it. Each individual TV show would each have a few links so I could watch it online if I happened to miss it. That was more for the past. Now, I am fortunate enough to have satellite TV where I have the option of time shifting so I have multiple chances to see an episode of a certain TV show. This comes in handy when it comes to recording. I use a hard drive/DVD recorder religiously. Mine happens to be a Magnavox MDR513H/F7


It has a 500GB hard drive which holds up to 64 hours of high quality video which is enough for me since I usually delete a recorded program after I watched it. Every week I schedule all of my recordings according to my grid. If there is a conflict (since it can’t record multiple shows at once), this is when the time shifting comes in handy so I can just a record a later airing of a show. Sometimes it isn’t possible to find another airing so that is when I use the links to watch them online. If you look at the grid, you’ll see that it happens quite often. What I would do to distinguish them is I would color-code shows I record with one color and those I watch online in another. Also the shows that are not currently airing, I keep in another table along with their links for me to later insert into my day grids when I need them. If you look at those along with the shows I currently watch, you’ll see that I watch a lot of television. The grid that I’ve offered contains what I will be watching this week (without the colors).



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