Keith's BlogThe Reasons for My Future Disappearance

Keith NoakesJuly 27, 2015

I play video games on occasion. I’m not good at too many of them but I still enjoy playing. A few summers ago, I decided to invest a lot of money into building a decent gaming desktop. Basically I just got some of the most expensive components they had at the time. The only limit I had was my credit card limit. I will say that it has performed admirably since then. My PC game collection has also grown since then with 130+ games on my hard drive. Most of those are on my Steam account where most of those were purchased impulsively during their various sales. I will admit to not having played at least half of my games seeing that since they were bought impulsively, I thought that buying them was a good idea at the time but I don’t exactly feel that way now.

Along those lines, I also decided to join the most recent console generation. I got myself a PS4 at Best Buy last boxing day. I got an open box Last of Us bundle for about $25 less but after having gone through what I had to go through, it was definitely not worth it. The download code for The Last of Us on the card that came with my bundle was already used. When I spoke to Sony about it, they offered to give me another code if I offered proof that I purchased the console. Unfortunately for me, my receipt said that I purchased a Destiny bundle which was probably how they had it programmed in their system. When I went back to Best Buy with this, they offered to let me exchange my open box console for another with the chance that the download code coming with the new console isn’t used. Because I did not have my console on me at the time, the Best Buy I went to did not have any more open box console bundles, and that I did not want to take that risk again, I gave up. I hadn’t learned my lesson yet. I went to the Future Shop across the street¬†(back when they still existed, Canadian reference)¬†and got the physical copy. With the amount I saved on the original console bundle, I went slightly over breaking even so it wan’t too bad.

The reasons for my future disappearance are the 4 PS4 games I’ve pre-ordered recently:

1. Until Dawn

It’s like you’re playing in your own horror movie.

2. Metal Gear Solid 5

I’ve always been a fan of the series and I never got the chance to play MGS4. I’m also curious as to how Snake’s voice change will affect the game.

3. Uncharted Collection

I’ve known about this series for a long time but I never got to play any of them since I never had a PS3. All 3 games remastered for PS4 make this a great deal and is a great opportunity for someone like me.

4. Fallout 4

I’ve always been a fan of the Fallout series and I talked a little bit about it here.

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