Movie ReviewsOh Damn! (Zombeavers Review)

Keith NoakesJuly 31, 2015

While transporting toxic materials, a pair of truckers get into an accident which causes them to lose one of their containers that eventually makes its way to a beaver dam and then its contents get onto several beavers. The toxic waste has mutated them into smarter, flesh-eating, killing machines. While that is taking place, college students Mary, Zoe, and Jen (Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, and Lexi Atkins) arrive at Mary’s cousin’s cabin near the dam for a weekend of girls only fun. This does not last for very long as their boyfriends Sam, Tommy, and Buck (Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, and Peter Gilroy) show up. When a beaver interrupts their weekend of drinking and sex and attacks one them, they must now try to save their friend and fight for their own survival.

This is a terrible movie. The story is bad, the characters are all a bunch of douchebags, the over-acting is bad, and the special effects are the worst. The beavers are just badly operated puppets. The characters are just the worst as they act as caricatures of stupid college students who say and do stupid things, as one would expect. This just makes it more satisfying for us viewers (spoiler alert) when they all die in predictable ways, (spoiler alert) except for at the end (spoiler alert)(spoiler alert). Since the story is so predictable, it was fun for me to rightfully guess what happened next. Surprisingly enough as everything individually doesn’t work but when you put them all together it works. People are entertained in different ways, sometimes people want to watch films with great story, great acting, great special effects, etc, but sometimes people want to watch certain films just to laugh at them because of how bad they are. I would say that I fall into both of those groups. The difference between this film and the Sharknado films is that I found that this one tried a little too hard. I always thought that the Sharknado films were self-aware in that they knew what they were and embraced it. Zombeavers was not quite there, in my opinion. The films also chose to ignore certain characters they introduced. I was fine with this as I didn’t care for them except for one, a character named Smyth (Rex Linn). He’s a old, experienced, hunter-guy who’s just there. You also may not recognize one the actors who plays one of the truckers. Again, this film is no masterpiece but that wasn’t why you chose to watch it in the first place.

Score: 6.5/10

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