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Keith NoakesSeptember 17, 2015

If you didn’t already know, I was gone on vacation for the last few days (Sunday-Tuesday). Now I will share (but not overshare) what I was doing during that time.


I was packed (laptop, cellphone, clothes, etc) and ready to go so I went and left the house I live in right now (the one on the right as shown in Google Maps below).

After a short walk to the bus station, I got onto a bus and after an hour on it, I got picked up by my grandfather and we went back to his house (show below in Google Maps).

We had sandwiches for lunch and  since it was the first Sunday of the NFL season, the TV was on football for pretty much the whole day. Being that we had basic cable, I only had the choice of a few games.

The 1pm games were Green Bay vs. Chicago

and Miami vs. Washington

The 4pm games were Detroit vs. San Diego

and Baltimore vs. Denver

Those were exciting but near the end of the 4pm games was dinner time and it was good (that is all I’m going to say about that).

After that it was time to channel surf between a few things but primarily wrestling (more on that some other time) until the last football game of the night which was the New York Giants vs. the Dallas Cowboys.

That was good and all but I think I would have enjoyed that finish more if I didn’t have a really bad headache (but enough complaining).

After a few more hours of channel surfing, I watched an episode of The Strain that I forgot to record before I left and it was good and after that it was time to go to bed.

Day Complete


When it’s so quiet where I was, you can’t help but to sleep in so I did until before noon. Since it was lunch time, sandwiches were in order and since being the time that it was, daytime TV shows were also in order. My usual choices are Family Feud (I shouldn’t explain that one) and The Chew which is a cooking/lifestyle show with some good food and other stuff. So I watched those. After that it was time for a movie that I brought with me which was Fifty Shades of Gray. I’m not sure why I chose that one other than it seemed like a good idea at the time. I was a little worried though that my grandfather would come over at the wrong time and get the wrong impression about what I was doing but that thankfully never happened.

After that, Judge Judy seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve always been a fan of her. While I was watching that and some Canada’s Worst Driver, I started to get a review of that done. But before I could finish that, it was time for supper and it was good. Also my grandfather got his first shipment of firewood since he heats his house using a wood stove (more on that later).

Now that I was done, it was time for some more football. That night, it was the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

I was finishing up that review while watching and I do also admit to have switched it to WWE Monday Night Raw a few times.

That was all and good but I was all footballed out so I decided to watch another movie, Z for Zachariah, which was a welcome change of pace for my visit but before I could start a review for that, it was time to go to bed.

Day Complete


Unfortunately, since I went to bed earlier than I did the night before, I woke up earlier than I did yesterday. I decided to use this extra time to pack some things considering it was my last day there. With that done, it was time for some Sportscentre and some Price is Right while starting my Z for Zachariah review. I don’t watch The Price is Right as much now as I used to for various reasons but watching it today brought me some memories. Seeing that it was lunchtime, sandwiches were in order and so was the 12:00 news which was good (for the most part).

Since the firewood that I mentioned above was still in the driveway, I had agreed to help him move it into his garage. Two hours later, I think we did an okay job (the two pictures are because I couldn’t get it all in 1 picture).


After all that work, a shower was in order. Not too long after that, I was driven back to the bus station I was picked up from and took a bus back home. When I got back, I stopped by at a nearby McDonalds and it was also good. When I got home, I had said McDonalds and got caught up with the TV shows I recorded while I was gone while also finishing my Z for Zachariah review and posting both. After that (I have said that a lot), I started this long post (that I hope you’re still reading right now). I guess I may have overshared a little. Don’t worry about too many other long posts as I don’t write them too often and I am not planning any other vacations any time soon (as I can not afford them) because I plan on being here for all of you.


If you were curious, this is my only other “long” post and should not be missed.

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