Month: October 2015

Just a Reminder

Just wanted to let all of you know that I am still currently looking for a job. If you or anyone you know needs a blogger/creative writer/critic or anything along those lines, they can contact me via social media (the links are on the home page) or via […]

10 Movies to Watch This Halloween

I previously posted a list of movies to watch on Halloween but now I have made one on my own. 1. The Exorcist This film is a classic. The story of an innocent little girl possessed by a demon has been captivating audiences since its initial release in […]

Live Blog Update

So I missed a live blog last week because of a movie. But now I’ll be back this Sunday for another live blog. I know it’s not really a live blog and it’s just live tweeting but live blog just sounds better to me. First, in order to […]