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I Can’t See Everything

As the title suggests, I can’t see everything. I’ve written 67 movie reviews on this site so far. Most of them have been the latest Hollywood releases and also a few have been some DVD/Bluray releases as well. I personally would like to review more movies than the number I do now but with my current situation, that just isn’t possible. That along with the fact that the closest indie theaters are too far away from me most of the time, I often miss out on indie films. This makes me sad because a lot of the indie films currently out there often look a lot better than what mainstream Hollywood puts out on a weekly basis. Until my current situation improves (hopefully where I get to work on this site full time or something similar and get paid doing it and trust me I’ve been looking forever it feels like), here are links to some recent indie movie reviews written by others/other sites:

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Sources of above reviews:

Knock Knock Review from

Freeheld Review from

Suffragette Review from

Mr. Holmes Review from

Woodlawn Review from

The Lobster Review from


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