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Keith NoakesNovember 18, 2015

This is a special edition of coming soon with Thanksgiving arriving next week for my American friends. With American Thanksgiving comes special movies released a little earlier than the usual Fridays, I made this a double post by expanding it to cover this week and the next. Because of the extra time, the possibility for change increases so I will update it accordingly whenever something changes. (Update 1: I added another one)(Update 2: I added another one)(Update 3: I moved Spotlight and Secret in Their Eyes to different days)(Update 4: I moved Trumbo and Spotlight since I won advanced tickets to Trumbo)(Update 5: I overslept today which means that The Good Dinosaur won’t come until tomorrow)


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part. 2

The Night Before


Secret in Their Eyes (Update 1: I forgot about this one)


Wednesday Nov 25th


Victor Frankenstein

Thursday Nov 26th

Trumbo (Update 4: I won advanced tickets for this on this day. Yeah!)

Friday Nov 27th

The Good Dinosaur (Update 5: I overslept today so I couldn’t see this yesterday and keep my other plans so I moved it to today)

Spotlight (Update 2: I forgot about this one too)(Update 4: Since I won advanced tickets to Trumbo, I moved this to this day)

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