Day: November 21, 2015

200th Post/105th Review Spectacular (Turbo Kid Review)

This is my 200th post/105th movie review!!!

In the post-apocalyptic future of 1997, a young man known only as The Kid (Munro Chambers), is a young solitary scavenger who is obsessed with comic books, primarily that of a superhero known as Turbo Rider, must face his fears and become a reluctant hero when he meets a mysterious girl named Apple (Laurence Leboeuf). Despite their efforts to keep to themselves, Zeus (Michael Ironside), the sadistic and self-proclaimed leader of the Wasteland, continues to plague The Kid and Apple. Armed with only his faith and an ancient turbocharged weapon, known as The Turbo Glove, The Kid learns about justice and friendship as he embarks on a journey to rid the Wasteland of evil and save the girl of his dreams.

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It’s Christmas Time! Vol. 2 (The Night Before Review)

For the last 10 years, lifelong buddies Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have gathered on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holidays after Ethan’s parents passed away in a car accident on Christmas. As Isaac prepares to be a father for the first time and Chris is becoming a famous football player, the friends realize that their annual tradition is coming to an end. To make their last year as memorable as possible, they plan a night of debauchery and hilarity by searching for the Holy Grail of Christmas parties in New York.

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