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Keith NoakesNovember 24, 2015

As you all probably already know, I’ve seen a lot of movies this year. Most of them I have reviewed on this site (reviews) but I saw movies before I started reviewing them (list of 2015 theater movies). I usually post a monthly list of the movies I’ve seen this year along with others I’ve covered on this site (last one) but the new text editor has removed the capability to link to past posts so until that capability returns, I will not be posting that list.

I just thought that instead of the monthly list, I would have some fun by spoiling some of the movies I’ve seen this year starting with the beginning. From the beginning, I mean January so if you haven’t seen some of these films by now, then it’s your own fault.

So continue at your own risk …

1. Big Hero 6

Hiro’s a really smart kid and a mechanical prodigy and decides to join a school for very smart people just like his brother Tadashi. He goes to the school and meets all of Tadashi’s friends and his invention, a healthcare companion named Baymax. He later enters the school’s science fair with his microbots. The school’s robotics head, Professor Callaghan apparently didn’t die in a fire which killed Hiro’s brother Tadashi and use Hiro’s microbots to protect himself. Hiro, Tadashi’s friends now outfitted with special equipment, and Baymax form a superhero team which ends up stopping Callaghan. Hiro thinks he loses Baymax but he finds his personality chip which he uses to rebuild him.

2. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Thorin and the dwarves took over the mountain and Thorin became smitten with greed over its richesses. Thorin becomes obsessed with finding the Arkenstone but Bilbo had already found it and has been hiding it all along.

3. Unbroken

Former Olympic athlete, Louis Zamperini, joins the Air Force and during a mission, he plane crashes and eventually gets captured by the Japanese. They do some bad stuff to him but later on, he’s freed from the Japanese.

4. The Imitation Game

Alan Turing find a way to decipher the German Enigma code and helps the British in World War II. He is also arrested and chemically castrated for being gay.

5. American Sniper

The story may not have happened exactly the way it was told (source). Chris Kyle gets killed by a soldier with PTSD after his tour (happens offscreen).

6. Foxcatcher

John DuPont is a rich guy who is interested in wrestling so he invites Mark Schultz to come and get paid to train at his private wrestling facility. John wants Mark’s brother Dave to come there as well. Dave agrees to come with his family. Mark ends up not doing too well and leaves but Dave stays. John kills Dave because he thinks he has a problem with him.

7. Selma

Martin Luther King’s march into Selma goes through as planned and President Johnson passed a bill to eliminate restrictions on voting. But everyone should be aware of this story anyway.

8. Kingsman: The Secret Service

An evil internet billionaire named Valentine wants to rid the world of all human except a select few because he believes global warming is a fever. Valentine hopes by broadcasting a special signal that humans with special SIM cards in their phones will start to kill each other. Those Valentine is protecting have a special chip in their heads which make them immune to the signal.

9. Fifty Shades of Gray (review)

Anastasia Steele meets rich, young, good-looking CEO Christian Grey when she decides to interview him for a student newspaper for her sick friend, Kate Kavanagh. They soon start to fall in love with each other. Christian does some weird stuff to her but she hangs around despite her reservations about the weird stuff. She eventually decides that it’s gone too far and she leaves him.

10. Chappie

Deon puts his own AI into one of his company’s robots and he names it Chappie. Chappie gets kidnapped by a gang and learns about life mostly from them. One of Deon’s coworkers is jealous and wants to kill him and Chappie. Chappie is fond of one of the female gang members. Chappie uploads her consciousness into a computer. As Deon is dying, Chappie uploads his consciousness into a spare robot. Chappie then builds another robot using her consciousness.


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