Day: December 1, 2015

What a Relief!

So last weekend in the U.S. was Thanksgiving and with that comes the annual shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday and to a lesser extent Cyber Monday. Luckily retailers in Canada have begun to adopt this tradition and have adopted similar type sales of their own. I do admit to partaking in some of these sales in the past but I can’t say that I have this year and I’m glad I did. I’ve often heard of the craziness that occurs down there, in the U.S.,  during that time and I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of that happening in Canada. For those who stayed away or for those who just want some entertainment, I’ve posted some videos of general Black Friday craziness. I’m not sure if they’re all of this year but it doesn’t really matter.

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Countdown to My Birthday: Day 1

Since we’ve reached the first day of December, it seemed like as good of a time as any to remind or inform you all that my birthday is on December 24th (or Christmas Eve if you didn’t know).  So to be a little self-centered, I will post a different Birthday song every day until the big day, being my Birthday. If you aren’t interested in this, then you can maybe use it as a countdown to Christmas or something.

Giving Props

To give credit to certain famous movie props, my fellow Ottawa friends at have written a retrospective on classic movie props and their significance in the films in which they appeared. It is definitely an interesting read for those wanting a quick film history lesson. Just think where your favorite film would be without the props in it. To read their post, click on the link below.

AssholesWatchingMovies – Giving Props

Fallout 4 Video Recap

So Fallout 4 was released exactly two weeks ago. It is an amazing game that I have invested countless hours playing ever since I got it the day it was released for my PS4. I also got the Pip-Boy edition which is still insanely cool.

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