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Fallout 4 Video Recap

So Fallout 4 was released exactly two weeks ago. It is an amazing game that I have invested countless hours playing ever since I got it the day it was released for my PS4. I also got the Pip-Boy edition which is still insanely cool.

For those who have not had the chance to play it (the very few of you), I have posted a video below to give you an idea of what to expect. There’s more for those who have BTW.

I guess there would sort of spoilers for the videos I have added below but I’ve added them anyway. They’re just a bunch of Let’s Plays of Fallout 4. Enjoy.

I’ll do something of my own with it eventually. I just have to learn how to do stuff with a PS4. Those were just some of the videos available because there are a lot more out there. If there are more that are worth sharing, I will post more. In the meantime don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook.



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