Day: December 22, 2015

Die Batman! (Batman v. Superman TV Spot)

For more of an explanation, please refer here. In that post I talked about a previous trailer for Batman v. Superman and all of its excitement. The reason why I’m doing this is that a new trailer for the movie just came out. It isn’t necessarily a new trailer, it’s a TV spot that features most of the stuff in that previous trailer but there is a little more new stuff that hasn’t been seen yet. The only thing is that it’s all in German. The voices they use are definitely interesting to say the least. Batman v Superman will be released March 25th, 2016.


TV Ambitions

So if you haven’t already figured it out, I like movies but those aren’t the only thing I like. I also like television. Television is what I have when I come home after watching movies. It’s quality had increased as of late with better production value meaning better story, acting, etc. Some TV shows feel like you’re watching one hour movies (but really 45-50 minutes with commercials). I’ve talked about TV a few times (not as much as I would like) on this site, all of it here. Because it’s Christmas and also Winter season now, most TV shows are taking a hiatus until next Spring and that break allows me to catch up on some shows I may be behind at and/or start watching a new show. Continue reading “TV Ambitions”

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