Deadpool Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

I’m not really sure why but all of the movies that I seem to look forward to are superhero movies and now is no different. A lot of trailers for the film Deadpool have been released so far but now the film’s second red band trailer has been recently released. This superhero film is unlike most superhero films as this one takes the whole concept in a darker, more adult direction. If the below trailer is any indication, this entry is not as wholesome with more violence, language, and sexual content. This is a departure from other Marvel films who tend to be more young-centered in order to maximize its fan base. I admit to not know much about the Deadpool story but from this trailers and others, there is definitely something here. It has the traditional Marvel-esque action and production value but its more crass nature make me excited to see it. I hope it serves as a redemption story for Ryan Reynolds as his previous superhero film outing, The Green Lantern, was terrible. Deadpool releases February 12th, 2016.

The following is NSFW.

Here is the first red band trailer and also NSFW:


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