Day: January 3, 2016

We Can Do Bettah

We may now be in 2016 but that does not mean we are done with 2015 just yet. I’ve talked about the movies I’ve seen in 2015 many times before. My final tally for 2015 was 100 movies but that isn’t exactly a complete list as there are still movies I did not see. I included a list of 39 2015 wide release movies (as far as I know) that I did not see below. I hope that over the following year, I could eventually see these movies and then my 2015 can finally be complete.

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Classic Keith Vol. 3

I’ve been at this for a little while. I’ve written nearly 300 posts on this site since I’ve started. For some who are unaware of my previous posts. I’ve decided to highlight one here for a series that I will call “Classic Keith”. This next one I would like to share is a post I wrote in the middle of June 2015 about my personal experience with McDonald’s’ McLobster and related it to my life experience.

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