The X-FilesX-Files Week Day 5

Keith NoakesJanuary 21, 2016

In order to get you ready for the premiere of The X-Files limited series on Sunday, I’ve decided to share with you each day one of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV show of all time. If you would like to see any of my other posts, click here.

Season 5, Episode 12: Bad Blood

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After Mulder kills a teenage boy who he believed was a vampire, he and Scully recount the events that led to the killing.

Analysis (mild spoilers)

A man is being chased by someone at night. That man is Mulder and he kills him by driving a wooden stake though his heart. Mulder believed he was a vampire but that may or may not have been the case. Mulder and Scully must give Skinner a report and they must go over each other’s stories while investigating a case involving the exsanguination of cows, and now people, in a seemingly backwards Texas town. There may be more about this town than what it shows. Mulder and Scully’s accounts differ where in Scully’s version, Mulder is very energetic and playful and in Mulder’s version, Mulder acts very subdued and nice, while Scully is mean and uninterested.This was a very funny, well-written episode by Vince Gilligan. The episode took what we knew about these characters after 5 seasons, and had fun with it giving us a break from all the heavy mythology episodes.

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