The X-FilesX-Files Week Day 6

Keith NoakesJanuary 22, 2016

In order to get you ready for the premiere of The X-Files limited series on Sunday, I’ve decided to share with you each day one of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV show of all time. If you would like to see any of my other posts, click here.

Season 6, Episode 3: Triangle

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Lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Mulder believes he has traveled back to 1939 and has to evade Nazis aboard an historic British sailing ship similarly lost, encountering individuals who seem strikingly familiar to him.

Analysis (spoilers)

We see the remnants of a ship in the sea floating along with Mulder’s seemingly unconscious body. Mulder is saved by a British ship from 1939 trapped in a time warp while in the Bermuda triangle. He’s also now in 1939 during World War II. The ship later gets taken over by Germans. It’s now up to Scully and The Lone Gunmen to save him. Scully had to face opposition by forces inside the FBI but with the help of Skinner, is able to assist the Gunmen in their search. Mulder meanwhile is trying to get the ship turned around in order to get him to the future. After the boat reappears in the present, Scully and the Gunmen investigate the ship and find nothing because they are in a different timeline. Mulder abandons the ship and then finds his way back to the present.


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