The X-Files

X-Files Week Day 7

In order to get you ready for the premiere of The X-Files limited series on Sunday, I’ve decided to share with you each day one of my favorite episodes of my favorite TV show of all time. If you would like to see any of my other posts, click here.

Season 7, Episode 12: X-Cops

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Something is terrorizing an urban neighborhood and Mulder and Scully are there to find out what…along with the crew of the hit television show COPS.


Not much to say here other than a crossover between The X-Files and COPS where Mulder and Scully are searching for a monster while on an episode of COPS. It was just a very different episode than the others as it is just like an episode of COPS but just with Mulder and Scully in it. You get your shaky, behind the back camera, and lots of bleeping … very meta


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