Day: February 17, 2016

Movie Clickbait

Everyone knows what clickbait is: vague, misleading links to various articles which aren’t always what you think they are. It’s almost like they choose to do this intentionally just to make us click on them. I’ve decided to do something a little different by offering some links below which are not as vague but I swear are more interesting. (Full disclosure: they are links to Youtube videos from Screen Rant)

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The Walking Dead Honest Trailers

There is no more popular show on television right now than The Walking Dead. It is a show based on the series of graphic novels also called The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and others. I won’t bother explaining the story as everyone already knows it. Because of it’s popularity, it inevitably got the honest trailers treatment. There has already been a video for seasons 1-3 but they have now released a video covering seasons 4-6. I’ve always enjoyed honest trailers as they are mostly funny and they call out all the silly things that we are all thinking. I found that most of their observations were pretty spot on. I have shared both videos below.

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Blast From The Past (Putting Things Back in Your Head) Part 1

I am a kid of the 90s (I was born December 24th, 1990) and with that comes its own music. Some of it is was good and some not so good. But with every era comes songs that make a home in your head and just can’t seem to leave. I thought I had got them out for good but for whatever reason, they just all came back. I have previously talked about (and sort of tried to make fun of) music videos here and here. There will be no making fun of videos here but I just thought I’d share some one hit wonders today which are from the 90s (some have appeared in previous posts) and hopefully bring back some memories, hopefully good ones (and maybe get them back in your head).

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