Mrs. Doubtfire Deleted Scenes

This has apparently been around for a little while but I just came across it today and I thought I’d share it with all of you. I was a big fan of Mrs. Doubtfire when I was younger (I was technically 3 so I didn’t get to enjoy it until much later). I believe it is one of Robin Williams’ best movies. I thought it really showed us Williams’ range where we got to see his comedic side, which he is primarily known for, and his dramatic side, where he is greatly underrated. The movie played mostly as a comedy allowing Williams to show off some ridiculousness in undertaking the whole “Mrs. Doubtfire” persona. This was the best part of the whole movie as Williams’ performance really stood out for me as he was just hilarious here while also making us cry during the more serious parts. His chemistry with Sally Field was fun to watch as well. A series of alternate and deleted scenes for Mrs. Doubtfire were recently recovered and they take a comedy movie in a more dramatic direction. They would have been nice to see in the movie but I’m okay with how it originally turned out.


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