Day: February 22, 2016

88th Academy Awards Nominee Recap (Technical Awards)

With the 88th Academy Awards (or Oscars) coming on Sunday, I would like to take this opportunity to recap some of the categories and provide my predictions for the winners in each along with links to my respective reviews. If you would like to read the rest of my predictions, click here. I will only be recapping categories in which I’ve reviewed all the nominees which luckily is most of them.

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Praise be The Baby Jesus (The Young Messiah Trailer)

This trailer has apparently been out for a little while but I never saw it until before I saw Race. Whether any of you wanted it or not or whether or not it is actually necessary, here’s another Jesus movie anyway. The main difference here is that it is much more adorable featuring Jesus in his baby to teen years. There doesn’t appear to be anything new here story-wise so those familiar with the Bible story should be comfortable here (but they will probably be the only ones watching this anyway). Sean Bean plays a Roman soldier here and it would technically not be a spoiler by saying that he probably dies since he dies in just about everything he’s in. The Young Messiah releases March 11th, 2016.

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