Month: March 2016

Elvis & Nixon Featurette

Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey playing Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon respectively. Need I say more? Before you all get in line (trust me I will too), just listen to what I have to say first. For those who aren’t yet already convinced, Kevin Spacey is one of the […]


Don’t You Find His Absence Slightly Odd (God’s Not Dead Review)

Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is a Christian who never thought his faith would get in the way of his higher education. As a result, he is deeply shaken when, on the first day of his Philosophy class, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) begins the semester by demanding that each of […]

A Look at The Warrens

If you’ve been following my site, I’ve talked a few times about how much of a fan I was of the film “The Conjuring” as I enjoyed watching Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s depiction of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Yes, they are real people but […]

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