TrailersTower Defense (High-Rise Trailer)

Keith NoakesMarch 5, 2016

Other than in Crimson Peak, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tom Hiddleston in a non-Loki role. I know about “I Saw The Light”, the Hank Williams movie which is going to be released on March 25th. I plan on seeing that one when it’s released but today, I would like to talk about another movie called High-Rise. This one is about a group of residents in a highrise for whom things soon get out of control. Hiddleston plays a doctor here named Robert Laing. From the trailer, I’m getting the impression of drama, suspense, and perhaps more revolving around the idea of class warfare. Either way, it looks interesting and quite original. It also looks like a British movie because I’m getting a lot of Britishness. High-Rise releases April 28th, 2016.


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