Star Wars

Daisy Ridley Audition Clip

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a great movie which I’ve reviewed here. One reason why was the performance of Daisey Ridley as Rey. If her audition proved anything, it was that she was the perfect choice for the role. A short clip from a documentary included with the release of The Force Awakens discusses Rey’s creation, and how Ridley came to be attached to the project, and also includes a snippet of footage from one of her audition tapes. One of her audition scenes was the interrogation sequence between Rey and Kylo Ren. This was almost uncomfortable to watch, seeing her struggle and crying. It definitely wasn’t easy for her seeing that she had to do it again and again. If you would like to see more behind-the-scenes content, you can when The Force Awakens releases on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 5th, 2016.


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