Batman: The Killing Joke Sneak Peek

I will say that I have not seen too many Batman animated movies but from my understanding are very popular. The only one I’ve seen was Batman: Year one which was released back in 2011. I enjoyed it primarily due to Bryan Cranston’s performance as Jim Gordon (Bryan Cranston just makes anything better, even if it’s only his voice and oh what a voice it is!). One I do know about the series is Mark Hamill’s various performances as The Joker. Despite only experiencing this in the recent Batman video games, I think Mark Hamill’s Joker, despite being animated, is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite (or at least it comes fairly close to Heath Ledger’s Joker). A new animated film entitled Batman: The Killing Joke is coming soon and a 10-minute sneak peek has been released. I’ve included the video below.


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  1. Dude you gotta get on it. DC is killing it in the animation movie department. Under The Red Hood is a personal favourite. Killing Joke looks good!