Day: April 9, 2016

A Step in the Right Direction

*Update: It was fun while it lasted but all of the episodes I shared below are no longer available*

Previously, I’ve talked about the TV shows that I have yet to see but want to, think of it as a list of aspirations or ambitions. If you would like to read this list, click here. If you happen to share some of my ambitions or maybe you have shows of which you aspire to watch one day then maybe this post will be for you.

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Fixer Upper (Demolition Review)

Grieving investment banker Davis Mitchell (Jake Gyllenhaal) returns to work after losing his beloved wife Julia (Heather Lind) in a tragic car accident. After writing a letter to complain about a vending machine, Mitchell receives a phone call from Karen (Naomi Watts), a customer service rep from the company. Karen becomes moved by his complete honesty, while Davis finds someone to lend a sympathetic ear. As his new friendship with Karen and her son Chris (Judah Lewis) grows, Mitchell finds the strength he needs to rebuild his life.

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