Indie Trailer Park

I’ll make it easy for all of you this time by not giving you anything to read. Today I will just be bombarding you with a whole bunch of trailers of upcoming independent movies which should be releasing some time this year. There are few indie theaters where I live (Ottawa) and some bigger theaters occasionally have limited releases but since they are a little far away for me, I don’t often get the chance to go. One of my greatest ambitions is to spend a month seeing only indie films as there are quite a lot out there but that may put me behind my goal of seeing every wide-release movie of 2016 (in Ottawa) which you can track here, so I have to find the right balance. It’s definitely not easy but I am willing to try. Also if you like any of them, simply click on each title to go to its respective IMDB page which will give you more information.

A Monster with a Thousand Heads

Phantom of the Theater

The Last Heist

Men & Chicken

The Dog Lover

Casual Encounters

The Sighting


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