Keith's Blog600th Post Extravaganza (Featuring Bacon)

Keith NoakesApril 28, 2016

Well this technically isn’t my 600th post as it is the site’s 600 post (I’ve personally written 599 with the extra one being a guest review of High-Rise which you can read here). I couldn’t imagine any better subject to talk about here than bacon. If you would like to read my previous post about bacon, click here.

As I’ve mentioned before, bacon is good when it’s wrapped around a pizza but it’s just as good if not better when you wrap it around hamburgers. You know how I know this? I went out and tried it for myself (technically not the first time for me but just the first time I’ve documented it).

First you need your ingredients:

4-pack of pre-packaged patties, pack of maple bacon, swiss cheese, barbecue sauce (specifically Bulls-Eye Sweet & Sticky), plain rippled chips, and kaiser buns (not pictured)

I originally wasn’t even going to make this but when you come across burgers priced so cheap, then you improvise.

They have no business being $1.49 but whatever.

After seasoning the patties (you can use whatever you like), I wrapped each of them with the bacon.

3 are wrapped with 3 slices and 1 has 4 (and there was none left afterwards)

Not really a step but this is the barbecue I used.


Here they are the when I first put them on the rack.


After roughly 10 minutes, I flipped them over.


This is after another roughly 10 minutes.


Now I put on some swiss cheese.


A few minutes have passed and now it’s all nice and melted.


Time to bring them inside.


Now I cut 2 kaiser buns and put the patties on the bottom and some of the chips on the top. I also wanted to put some of the barbecue sauce over the burgers but a little more sauce came out than I expected. Well that’s nothing a few extra napkins and/or a spoon and/or a straw can’t fix.


I assure you that they were delicious and I still have 2 more. Of course If I make anything else interesting, I’ll be sure to share it here.


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