Getting You Ready for Captain America: Civil War *Spoilers*

With the release of Captain America: Civil War this Friday, to make things easier, I have shared all my old related Civil War posts here in order to get you ready for the release. I will just warn you now by saying that some of the content I have posted below may or may not contain spoilers. I’ve posted clips in the past and I have shared a new clip below where spoilers still may apply. Enjoy at your own risk.

New Clip

Just about every clip so far has featured Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) fighting against a helicopter, trying to stop it from taking off. Now we finally know who is in the helicopter. I personally don’t know who is in the helicopter as I haven’t watched the clip but I’m excited to figure it out. Luckily we don’t have that much longer to wait.

Enjoy the movie!




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