VideosPopstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Clip Explosion *Spoilers*

Keith NoakesMay 24, 2016

If you would like to see any of my past posts relating to Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, click here. I am definitely looking forward to the release of the film next week. I’m a big fan of The Lonely Island and their work. I just love the fact that it makes fun of pop stars because they have had it too good for too long. This just looks very funny and the films also features an impressive supporting cast and some great cameos. For those who want an early look at the film, I’ve shared a compilation video featuring several clips of the film. Sure some of it may have been briefly covered in the trailers but there is also some new stuff here.¬†Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping releases June 3rd, 2016.



  • Matt

    May 25, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    Wow, those clips really didn’t do it for me but I love this idea for a movie so I will be giving this a chance.

    • Keith Noakes

      May 25, 2016 at 11:34 AM

      The stuff in the trailers was a little better.

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