Month: June 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Binge Guide

So if you don’t already know, season 6 of Game of Thrones concluded last Sunday night. It’s been a few days but I just wanted to let it sink in a little and give time to people who didn’t catch it on Sunday night. If you’re one of the few people who haven’t yet seen all or any of the episodes for season 6 of Game of Thrones, I have shared all my season 6 related posts below. I won’t give anything away here but this past season was one of my favorites. The show finally surpassed George R. R. Martin’s source material and it was definitely interesting to see where they took everything.

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Strike a Pose (The Neon Demon Review)

Jesse (Elle Fanning) moves to Los Angeles just after her 16th birthday to launch a career as a model. The head of her agency tells the innocent teen that she has the qualities to become a top star. Jesse soon faces the wrath of ruthless vixens who despise her fresh-faced beauty. On top of that, she must contend with a seedy motel manager and a creepy photographer. As Jesse starts to take the fashion world by storm, her personality changes in ways that could help her against her cutthroat rivals.

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Austin Powers Reimagined

Seeing this just reminds me of how much I miss Mike Myers. Not the Love Guru Myers but more the Wayne Campbell or the Austin Powers Myers. This brings me to Austin Powers. The Austin Powers series are my favorite Myers movies. It’s a shame that they haven’t made another since Austin Powers in Goldmember back in 2002. A fan-made trailer for Austin Powers was released recently which cut footage from all 3 movies and making the whole series into a more serious spy movie. Well as serious as a movie with female robots shooting bullets from their bras can be. Just make another Austin Powers movie already!

Zootopia Deleted Scene

Zootopia was just released earlier this month on DVD/Blu-Ray (at least in Canada). I thought it was a great movie and you can read my review here. I liked the lighter direction it took being kind of a social commentary on racism/sexism. A recent deleted scene of the movie was released which hinted at a darker direction the film originally had which featured the starring roles reversed. In the scene, Nick and Judy (different voices) are escaping somewhere but in the meantime, find themselves in something called a “taming party”. Here, the divide between predator and prey was a little wider making things a little darker spin on this. I think they made the right choice. You can watch the scene below.

I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa

This isn’t really a movie-related post but I still thought it was worth sharing. I was a big fan of Barney the dinosaur and The Muppets. I don’t think I have to explain what each of those are but I will just say that they have had a great impact on my childhood and have provided a lot of great memories. Recently, over the course of some random web surfing, I came across a series of Youtube videos from the channel isthishowyougoviral involving these characters doing something a little unexpected. Here they are mashed up with popular rap songs. I’m not the biggest fan of rap music but the videos make it look like they’re rapping and it’s just hilarious to me, especially the Barney/Notorious B.I.G. stuff.

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Clip Explosion (Featuring: The Legend of Tarzan, The BFG, and The Secret Life of Pets) *Spoilers*

Here are clips to a few movies releasing in the next few weeks in The Legend of Tarzan, The BFG, and The Secret Life of Pets.
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