Zootopia Honest Trailer

If you would like to watch more honest trailers, click here. Everybody knows about honest trailers, the videos that usually make fun of movies. This time their target is Zootopia, an animated film which was released earlier this year. You can read my review here. While some past honest trailers have been a little harsh, I found that they went rather easy on this one. I think they actually liked this one. What is there really negative to say about a Disney/Pixar (or was it Disnar? or Pisney?) movie anyway. It is easy to forget that there are animals here anyways. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more movies within this world.

As a bonus, here’s another honest trailer for something that technically wasn’t a movie but a weird 90s musical featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called “Out of Their Shells”. Not only do they rip that, they also talk about other increasingly weirder stuff featuring the turtles along with The Nostalgia Critic. If you would like to watch even more honest trailers, click here.


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