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Keith NoakesJune 18, 2016

Ghosthunters On Icy Trails

They couldn’t be more different, the members of the trio that allies in the fight against an Ancient Ice Ghost, Tom (Milo Parker), an easily scared boy, Hetty (Anke Engelke), a professional ghost hunter and the loveable, but pretty slimy Hugo (Bastian Pastewka), a ghost. Will the team manage to save their town from the next ice age? A boy and a loveable slimy, ghost thing team up along with a secret organization to fight the forces of evil. This can work because the ghost’s accent doesn’t make him annoying. There is no North American release date so far.


Get ready to do some reading here. When India’s top batsman goes missing in the Middle East, two cops from either side of the Arabian Sea team up for a 36 hour manhunt. An Indian and a Pakistani cop must work together to rescue one of India’s top cricket players. From what I can gather, this looks like a pretty cool and funny action movie. Dishoom releases July 29th, 2016.


In the south of Laos, an American volunteer doctor named John Lake (Rossif Sutherland) becomes a fugitive after he intervenes in the sexual assault of a young woman. When the assailant’s body is pulled from the Mekong River, things quickly spiral out of control. This looks pretty intense and exciting. It has technically already been released in Canada but not exactly where I live so I haven’t seen it, but I really want to. River releases in the US on June 24th, 2016.

The Tenth Man

More reading here. New York-based economist, Ariel (Alan Sabbagh), returns to El Once, the old Jewish neighbourhood of Buenos Aires where his father, Usher (Usher Barilka), runs a charitable foundation that looks after the community’s needy. Usher enlists Ariel to his cause and the film follows Ariel over seven days as he runs errands for his father, guided by the enigmatic Eva (Julieta Zylberberg). During this time, he reconnects with the traditions that once divided him and his father, while finding love in the process. This looks fun and a great father and son story which the son trying to find himself again within the world he was once from. The Tenth Man releases July 29th, 2016.

The Last Treasure Hunt

A heartfelt story of an estranged brother named Oliver (Casey Nelson) and sister named Lucy (Kate Murdoch) who must put aside their differences in order to solve an elaborate treasure hunt, left for them in the will of their eccentric father. A brother and a sister attempt to reconnect over a treasure hunt left for them by their recently deceased father. This looks like a fun little drama and what is interesting is that it was written by Nelson and Murdoch. The Last Treasure Hunt releases June 21st, 2016.

Closet Monster

An East Coast teenager and aspiring special-effects makeup artist (Connor Jessup) struggles with both his sexuality and his fear of his macho father, in this imaginative twist on the coming-of-age tale. This definitely has a cool style to it, featuring a great coming of age story of a teen trying to find himself while overcoming his environment. Closet Monster releases August 19th, 2016.


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