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The late Robin Williams makes his final on-screen appearance in Boulevard. He plays Nolan Mack, a man who has worked the same job in a Nashville bank for nearly 26 years, who is stuck in a dead-end marriage with his wife, Joy (Kathy Baker). After a chance encounter with a street-wise man named Leo (Roberto Aguire), Nolan begins to finally accept who he really is. Robin Williams is no stranger to films of a more depressing...

If you would like to read my thoughts on the first trailer, click here. I wasn’t sure what I was watching when I watched the first trailer. It kind of went from drama, to sci-fi/fantasy, to romance, and then to thriller. I will admit that this was all kind of interesting nonetheless. This all revolves around a game called Nerve which is simply a glorified version of truth or dare where a community known as...

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