Day: September 20, 2016

Passengers Official Trailer

It’s finally here. Now we know more about the mysterious Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt sci-fi movie. I was looking forward to this because of Lawrence, Pratt, and its director, Morten Tyldum. Maybe this is because of this first trailer but this did not look as exciting. Sure, it didn’t really give anything away as it should but I would have liked more. Hopefully more trailers can do this. I hope the movie doesn’t just coast on the star power (pun intended) of Lawrence and Pratt since the trailer looks very generic. The only interesting part about it is the mystery involving why they woke up earlier than they were supposed to. Despite all of that, I’ll still see it because of Lawrence and Pratt. Passengers releases December 21st, 2016.


This Week in Home Video (Tuesday September 20th)

If you are unsure about the movies and TV shows coming out this week on DVD/Blu-Ray in Canada (and perhaps elsewhere), maybe my site’s reviews can help:

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 1 Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell Recap

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Gotham ever since it began. It has so much promise considering its source material but it has always been mostly average to meh for me. I feel like the show is stretched out way too much, taking the focus away from the story in favor of useless fluff. The reason why I’ve kept watching it is that I’m just waiting for it to get better. Also, it’s become a habit for me.

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