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Keith NoakesSeptember 27, 2016

If you haven’t seen the Season 3 premiere of Gotham, click here for a recap as there will be spoilers below.

Now we don’t have to wait very long before we know where the assassin has taken Bruce and it is back to the court of owls to meet a mysterious masked woman. She unmasks herself and we learn that her name is Kathryn (Leslie Hendrix) and she is a representative for the court of owls. We also learn that Bruce’s original threat to the Wayne Enterprises board members was a bluff and that he didn’t have as much information as he was letting on. In order to ensure his survival, Bruce hands them Wayne Enterprises but that is not enough for them. In addition to this, Bruce must agree to not look into them and their many conspiracies which included Hugh Strange and Indian Hill and also the murder of his parents.

Vicky Vale visits Jim and informs him that she has valuable information about Fish Mooney. Jim questions her motives in doing this and she tells him that she just wants the story. In order to get this information, Jim and Vicki must make contact with her source who happens to be Selina Kyle. On the way, they run into Barbara and being her crazy self, she offers to give them information in exchange for a kiss that never came. They got the information anyway, leading Vicki to betray Jim by instead giving the information to the GCPD.

We now see Ivy who has now washed up on a shore near a construction site and for some reason is now older and now played by Maggie Geha. She meets a man who offers to help her. Now we see Vale helping the Bullock and the GCPD, leading to a building where Fish and her fellow goons are hiding out. The goons are able to dispose of the cops quite handily thanks to their various powers which then allows Fish to escape. Penguin is giving a speech in front of cameras in the hopes of riling up an angry mob to go after Fish and her monster goons.

Bruce is back in the mansion and is woken up by Alfred who woke up from his beating not that much earlier. He tells him what happened but Alfred reminds him who he’s dealing with and just because he lives to his end of the bargain, doesn’t mean they will. Gordon finds Mrs. Peabody’s mummified body, leading him to the realization that she was unable to help her so she has now decided to go after Hugo Strange.

As Bullock is leaving the scene, he is abducted by a few of Fish’s goons and they bring him to her. She uses her special power on him to get him to bring her to where Strange is being kept which was a government scientific centre of some sort. Ivy is now in this man’s house. After he calls her beautiful, she begins to open up to him by telling him her life story and how she came to be alone. He soon throws a plant in the garbage which upset her.

Worried about Bullock, Gordon and Fox confront Barnes who is not happy about this new turn of events. He is skeptical at first but since only he and Bullock know where Strange is, he agrees to take Gordon to where Strange is being kept. Fish and her goons are there first and they infiltrate the facility. She quickly finds Strange and learns that he cannot fix her. The police now arrive and Fish decides to take Bullock, who is no longer under her control, as a hostage. The press and Vale are there not long after.

Fish threatens Strange in her usual non-threatening way but she is interrupted by an angry mob led by Penguin before she has the chance to do anything to him. Gordon uses this as a distraction to find a way into the facility. He is then captured and brought to Fish. He exchanges a way out for Fish as long as she gives him Bullock. She agrees but Gordon double-crosses her and promises her to Penguin as soon as she escapes. They use the onrushing mob as a distraction to get out. Fish and Strange are then held at gunpoint by Penguin. In order to try and save herself, Fish tells Penguin some sap story about how she saved him once before because he was one of her proudest creations. Of course he stupidly falls for it and lets them go.

Now Ivy is all glammed up and ready to leave this guy’s house when the camera pans down and we see that the good samaritan is dead. Since Bruce has nothing to do anymore, he and Alfred discuss what they will do with all this extra time. Alfred suggests dance lessons. Shortly after, they hear some strange noise which ends up being clone Bruce. Vale confronts Gordon about what happened as she knows that Gordon made a deal to let Fish escape and that Penguin also let her escape. She is confused as to why he would ever do that. It was inevitable but they finally made out. Things will soon get awkward as the episode ends with Lee who is now in Gotham

Overall, the Bruce storyline was kind of interesting and the Ivy change may lead to something more for the character but the whole story didn’t really move forward which was kind of frustrating. This was the root of my relationship with this show because it moves so slowly.

Score: 6/10

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