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Keith NoakesSeptember 28, 2016

With this new season came a new darker direction for the show and you can read more in a recap of the premiere here. Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider continues to fit in nicely amongst the fabric of the series and I am definitely interested in what the series decides to do with him. Obviously, there will be spoilers below.

This episode starts off in a kid’s room where he is sleeping. He is soon woken up by a mysterious spirit. He goes into the living room and we see that it is the evil ghost lady from the previous episode. She appears to be obsessed with the house and a certain family picture. She seems to believe that it was her house despite the father trying to convince her otherwise. The father approaches her and then she enters him and making him go crazy like she has done before.

Now we see Robbie heading to the auto shop while being followed by Daisy’s van. Fitz and Simmons are investigating the mysterious ghost box where they find nothing. Once they look closer, they find some strange new technology. Mack looked over the video of the Chinese gangster incident at the end of the previous episode and they learn that they were not hallucinating what they saw as the female ghost was there on screen with them.

Coulson and May are waiting for a meeting with the director where he is apparently making them wait. Robbie confronts the van and there’s nobody inside. He goes back in the auto shop and sees Daisy. She tries to push Robbie by bringing up part of his past, implying that they had a previous relationship but she probably just looked everything up anyway. This begins to set him off.

After some time, Coulson and May finally meet the new director named Jeffrey Mace (Jason O’Mara). Coulson expects to get in trouble but things go better than he expected. He understands why they did what they did because of their previous relationship. He would like to distance SHIELD from Daisy since he is concerned of the optics before he plans to go public.

Back to the box. Fitz and Simmons throw some science-y theories around about the origin of the ghost while Mack just suggests that they are just ghosts. Their more in-depth analysis of the box determines that it is composed of a special alloy, created in a place known as Momentum Alternative Energy Labs where one factory is in the same city as the family from the beginning.

The director has a special mission for Coulson which was to be his wingman during a tour of the facility for government officials. Coulson knows more about SHIELD and how to talk to these people. The lady ghost, who we learn is named Lucy (Lilli Birdsell), has already infiltrated Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and is opening other ghost boxes containing her friends. 

The reason Daisy has been hounding Robbie is that she wants to team up with him so they can take on the watchdogs. She thinks they have a common interest in this but he is adamant that he is not an Inhuman. Once Daisy mentions his little brother, this sets him off and they fight with Robbie getting the upper hand.

Remember that May came into contact with the ghost lady at the end of the previous episode and the full effects of that were shown here with her becoming especially crazy. Once she brings this up to one of the captured Chinese gangsters from before, he goes even crazier.

Daisy is tied up with a fractured arm while Robbie looks into her evidence to determine whether or not she deserves to die. Lucy and the other ghosts devise a plan to fix themselves and get back to whoever did this to them in the first place. This plan involves some sort of book and a man named Joe. With this evidence, Robbie grills Daisy about her past and what she’s been doing. She mentions Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and this sets him off and he heads out for there. Daisy manages to escape and catches up to him, propelling herself onto the roof of his car and rides around for a little while until the car flames up (all with a fractured arm).

Fitz and Mack are now at Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and they quickly run into one of the ghosts. Coulson confronts May about her recent behavior. A ghost manages to knock Mack into some sort of chamber leaving Fitz to fend for himself. Coulson tries to convince May to go to the lab with him which sets her off and makes her fight everyone. Luckily the director arrives just in time to stop May. She is no match for him as we learn that he is an Inhuman blessed with super strength.

Robbie arrives at Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and saves Fitz from being touched by a ghost and then going crazy. Daisy arrives soon after and frees Mack from the locked chamber. Fitz manages to stop a reactor from going critical. After battling one of the ghosts, Robbie rips a picture off a wall and leaves. While Mack is fixing Daisy up, he tries to convince her to go back with them which she refuses. He figures that she has been getting help from Elena (Yo-Yo) all this time. Fitz is upset that she turned her back on them but she was just doing what she needed to do. She leaves them.

Coulson and the director have an argument about May and Daisy where he claims that he is not objective when it comes to them. He reveals that he has taken care of May but he doesn’t tell Coulson what he did since its classified. We know what he did and we see that she is in a straightjacket, bound to a stretcher on a plane heading somewhere.

Daisy gets back to her van and can’t start it. Robbie is driving by and offers her a ride. He offers to give her some information with the first being that he believes that he’s the connection to everything that’s been happening.

Overall, this is another exciting episode, picking up on the premiere and giving us a little more insight into Robbie and introducing us to the new director who seems like a nice guy, the ghost stuff brought the episode down and seemed a little out of place but the fact that Robbie is connected makes it interesting enough to keep going. Early on, the show is definitely going in the right direction, at least so far.

Score: 8/10

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