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Keith NoakesOctober 1, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s premiere, click here. Now we know what we are dealing with but to what extent has it gone? There is definitely something going on with the Rances but are they the only ones? Will Marcus come and save the day? It’s only the second episode so I doubt that’s going to happen.

The episode starts with a bunch of orphan boys in a basement who are being trained by a priest. We don’t know for what yet but we are already see one boy who can’t handle it. Another boy is tasked to walk through a dark, gloomy hall to a chained up, possesed man. This boy tries to perform an exorcism on him. The story flashes back to Marcus who is looking through his old notes on his way to Chicago.

Now we see Angela who is in the kitchen one evening who then stumbles upon Casey sitting at the table seemingly talking to herself. We also get to hear the voice in her head. Once the voice tells her to wake up, she suddenly has no recollection of what just happened.

We then see a college student (Javoun Baker) about to go out on a bike ride. Yeah, this is seemingly random but they wouldn’t include this for nothing. Tomas decides to talk to the bishop and ask for assistance for Casey but he disagrees and thinks she needs therapy. We also hear that Pope Sebastian is coming to Chicago.

Now Angela is at work and it is apparent that her family troubles have been getting in the way of her work life. Angela and the company she works for are involved in bringing Pope Sebastian to Chicago. She keeps getting interrupted by her cell phone while she is talking to coworkers and then she gets a call from Casey asking for help.

Angela arrives at home and goes to Casey’s room where she is gone but her phone is on a pillow on her bed. Casey and the rest of her family arrive soon after. Casey claims to have not called Angela. As soon as Angela picks the phone up, we see a huge centipede underneath. When Katherine flips the pillow, we see a swarm of centipedes underneath.

Tomas goes running and when he gets back, he finds Marcus in his apartment. He is gathering information on Tomas so he knows what he is dealing with. Marcus wants to know what is important to Tomas because the demons will know. Now Casey is playing a game of lacrosse. She gets knocked down a few times and then sees the visual representation of the voice in her head. She continues playing and gets knocked down a few more times. Suddenly the person responsible for knocking her down, breaks her leg. The fact that Casey was standing there watching implies that she did this with her mind.

Henry, Katherine, and Casey are playing Jenga. Angela shows up late . Things get a little heated and Angela confronts Henry about what has been going on with their daughters. Casey gets upset and pulls out a Jenga piece forcing the tower to rest on one piece, making it again look like she is keeping it up with her mind.

Tomas is filling the holy water in his church and makes a quick prayer. Angela talks to him about the new developments. Angela is frustrated by having to wait until the church is on her side. She decides to fill one of her bottles up with holy water. Marcus confronts Angela and giver her advice on how to use the water, saying that she should put it in Casey’s drinking water.

Later, the Rances head to the church to feed the homeless and Marcus used this as an opportunity to get closer to her. This meeting was uneventful but things got worse when that shady homeless man from early in the premiere showed up and confronted Casey, claiming that he knew her and saying that she was special while trying to touch her. While Marcus was pulling him away, the man recognized him and spoke to him in latin.

The college student runs into Marcus while he is watching the homeless man. After he enters a strange van, he decides to investigate his tent. There he finds a possesed woman who also recognized him. Despite his many attempts, she seemed to be immune to his advances.

Before their family dinner, Angela put some of the holy water in Casey’s glass. After she put her glass on the table, she stared at Casey until she drank the water but nothing seemed to happen. Nothing happened until after dinner when Casey ran to the bathroom and had a puking fit which also included a very long centipede in which she pulled out of her throat.

Later, Casey is greeted by the voice in her head while sitting on the front steps of her house. She doesn’t know what’s happening to herself but the man reassures her. Tomas decides to look through Marcus’ stuff to see what he was dealing with and finds several photos of abused children which he can’t handle. Marcus informs him that there are many more demons in the area and that they are all connected but Tomas asks him to leave. Marcus explains his story that was revealed in the flashback at the beginning. Through this experience, Marcus felt relief because he finally had a purpose. Marcus actually saw God’s face once, at the moment of exorcism. Marcus admits to Tomas that he’s not fit, but he swears on his life that he’ll try. Tomas admits that he saw Jessica, and he’s torn as well. They agree to try together and pray for strength for what is to come.

The episode ends with the college student returning home. Because he is listening to loud music, he has no idea what is going on. He doesn’t notice his dead dad on the couch, his dead brother in the bathtub, or even his mom who is about to have her throat slashed. As he goes into his room, he is given the same treatment. After all the bodies are taken care of, it appeared that some of their organs were being harvested and put in these containers. As these men exited the house, we saw other groups exiting other houses with the same containers so one can only think that there are a lot of dead people on that street. One of those men was the homeless man from before and we see that they are all heading into the same weird truck from earlier.

Overall, this was an another exciting episode that brought all the main players together and expanded the story by showing us the reach of what we are dealing with. It still left us with some questions such as who is the strange man following Casey? and what were those people doing with those organs? I for one can’t wait to see where this all goes.

Score: 8.5/10

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