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Keith NoakesOctober 11, 2016

It’s been long enough since last week’s episode of Agents of Shield. You can read a recap of the episode here. Now we’ve met the allusive new director of SHIELD, Jeffrey Mace, who wants to make it public. Daisy and Robbie are apparently now a team but how long will it last? What does he have to do with all this? There are still many questions yet to be answered in this new, darker season.

The episode stars off at a party in a Miami suite. A magician is there doing some tricks and Elena Rodriguez/Yo-Yo is also there with her family. She gets a call from Mack which she ignores. Seeing this, one of her family members grabs her phone and calls Mack. Not too long after he answers, the power goes out.

A group claiming to be an inhuman resistance is threatening to attack other cities if the government does not end registration, allowing them to live freely. Mack gets mad when someone brings up the fact that it would be a PR nightmare. Mace wants Mack, Fitz, and Coulson to go to Miami. Coulson and Simmons are both looking into May. Simmons is worried that they don’t know how to take care of her and Coulson just wants to know where she is and who is treating her. Mace comes in and tells him that she is in a CDC facility in upstate New York. Mace didn’t tell him because he wanted him around in case of a crisis that is now occurring. One of the Chinese gangsters that got touched by the ghost dies. Simmons is worried that the same will happen to May. Mace lets Simmons go to May and asks Coulson to go to Miami.

Back at the party, everybody is worried that they are not safe. Elena thinks they should stay but everyone else wants to go. Robbie and Daisy are not talking very much to each other. They are on their way to see Robbie’s uncle who worked at Momentum Alternative Energy Labs. They hear about the blackout in Miami and Robbie is worried if it happens in L.A. since it would leave his brother Gabe (Lorenzo James Henrie) in a bad neighborhood then of course, L.A. is hit with a blackout.

Radcliffe and Aida are working on some sort of headset when SHIELD comes, forcing him to hide her. Simmons bring May, who is still crazy, to him. They have 6 hours to save her. Senator Nadeer (Parminder Nagra) is on a TV warning people about inhumans, claiming that this was an act of war. Fitz is ready will the tools needed to find the EMP, stop it, and trace it to whoever is responsible.

Some gang members are smashing up car windows near Gabe. Robbie and Daisy are speeding to him. Daisy doesn’t believe that inhumans are responsible but Robbie says it only takes one. Robbie kind of explains how the whole “Ghost Rider” thing works and says that he’s stuck with it. He thought if he can settle some scores that it would go away but it hasn’t. The gang members are about to come after Gabe before Robbie and Daisy show up and they dispatch them. They take Gabe home.

As Elena is about to leave the building, a group of armed men storm the building claiming that they are here for the inhuman inside, which we know is Elena. May has that headset on, allowing Radcliffe and Simmons to look into her brain and find that her problems are being caused by a hyperactive adrenal system.

The partygoers hand the magician to the gunmen. Mace calls Coulson and tells him that he wants a win. They learn that the EMP is a continuous one which renders all their tools useless. Fitz jokes about Ghost Rider. Robbie, Daisy, and Gabe are back at their house and Robbie is worried about Daisy’s arm. Daisy asks him about what he does when he gets hurt and he tells her that he wakes up healed the next day. Robbie leaves Daisy with Gabe while he gets supplies. Gabe doesn’t know about Robbie’s secret and Robbie wants to keep it that way.

The gunmen are about to kill the magician when Elena stops them but not before being spotted by one of her family members who are less sympathetic to inhumans. Coulson and the gang come in to save the day including Fitz who had some moves. Elena’s family knows about her power and they now see her differently. The gunmen had information about inhumans which worries Coulson.

The situation with May has become more dire. Radcliffe believes that they must hill her in order to save her. Fitz tries to figure out the pattern of the EMP while Coulson grills one of the gunmen, leading him to shoot one of them and revealing their more advanced equipment and proving that it was a set up perpetrated by the Watch Dogs.

Gabe and Daisy have a conversation where he would explain his relationship with Robbie. He doesn’t know what’s going on with him. Coulson thinks that there is something a lot bigger going on with these attacks. Fitz decides to make makeshift compasses to try and track the location of the EMP.

Radcliffe thinks that killing May and bringing her back would reset her and stop what was happening to her but Simmons is still worried. Simmons injects her with something that kills her but they are waiting until she has minimal brain activity before they shock her back to life. Just as Simmons was about to shock her, they get a blackout too leading Simmons to frantically administer chest compressions to May.

Mace gets a call from the president informing him about another terrorist video. In this one, they claim that they will attack more cities if they don’t release inhuman registrations. The president gives them one more hour and then he will send troops to the blackout zones. Fitz finds the EMP. Simmons is not giving up on May. Radcliffe remembers that he has a battery in Aida and pulls it out to recharge the paddles for Simmons to use. She manages to shock May back to life. May doesn’t seem to remember what has happened.

They get to the EMP but find out that they are outgunned. Since the EMP flashes, Elena comes in between flashes and takes away all the bad guys’ guns. The rest of the gang comes in and they fight the bad guys. Fitz disables the EMP. Gabe figures out who Daisy is and forbids her to be around Robbie because she is a bad influence.

Coulson talks to Mace and suggests that he should move up SHIELD’s public unveiling in order to ease the unrest towards inhumans. Mack confronts Elena about her helping Daisy. Coulson and the others talk about him being the only one who still hasn’t seen Ghost Rider. Mace makes a speech where he officially unveils SHIELD to the rest of the world. The speech goes on in the background of the scene. Daisy is gone and listening to the speech in her van. May calls Coulson and tells him that he should be the one making the speech and he says that he’s right where he needs to be.

Senator Nadeer is talking with someone on the phone who appears to be responsible for what has happened. Before she leaves, she talks to some sort of mummified statue.

Overall, this was a decent episode which saved May and gave some background into Robbie and Gabe’s relationship but did not offer much else, not even more information about Robbie’s connection to everything, thus acting as the first filler episode of the season.

Score: 7.5/10

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