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Keith NoakesOctober 18, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s episode, click here. Penguin is mayor but will it affect his relationship with Butch and Ed? Alice may be gone but the mystery behind her mysterious blood remains. How will Bruce deal with his feelings for Selina? What’s Gordon going to do with all the monsters captured? Will he rejoin the GCPD? Where’s Ivy? For more, read below.

The episode starts off with Penguin on his victory parade. He and Ed are paraded around but Butch is relegated to the back, seemingly getting pushed aside. Penguin talks to a statue of his mom and wonders if she would be proud of him. Ed walks in and Penguin talks to him about his mother. Ed reassures him that his mother would be proud of him. Penguin gives a speech to the public along with the statue and vows to keep everyone safe. A group of red-hooded gunmen come and shoot up the gathering and then destroys the statue before driving away.

Gordon is having a conversation with Vale. She can’t come over for the third night in a row because she is meeting a hematologist for dinner to discuss Alice Tetch’s blood. She knows about it’s special abilities and tries to press Gordon for more information.

Barnes is looking at a file about the Hatter when Bullock comes in and tells him that they found the Red Hoods’ getaway van. Ed shows up at the GCPD, putting everyone on edge (for obvious reasons). They don’t want to work for him (also for obvious reasons) but they have to because he’s the Mayor’s liaison.

Penguin makes a speech to Victor Zsasz and his other various goons about how he wants revenge for what the Red Hoods did to his mother’s statue. The Red Hoods, now unmasked, are sitting at a table and waiting for their boss who we learn is Butch.

Bruce visits Gordon at his apartment. Bruce has been meaning to see Gordon but hasn’t gotten the chance. Bruce hires him to find Ivy for Selina. He hasn’t told her because he didn’t want to get her hopes up if he found nothing. Gordon teases Bruce about Selina. Ed visits Lucius in his office where Lucius isn’t exactly happy to see him. He also threatens him for what he did to him and Bruce.

Gordon and Bruce visit the GCPD and talk to Bullock about Ivy. He shows them Ivy’s sweater and tells them that a man found a woman with it but she was in her 20s so they dismiss it (but we ultimately know the truth). Lee shows up and pulls Gordon away. She wants to warn him that her engagement to Mario Falcone will be in tomorrow’s newspaper and that her fiance is a Falcone but Gordon already knew that and he still supports them either way. Ed later runs into Lee and is then greeted by a punch in the jaw for what he did to Kristen. Lee is not scared of him because her fiance is a Falcone.

Tabitha tells Barbara that she is worried about Penguin’s party. Barbara and Tabitha plot to find the Red Hoods themselves so Penguin would owe them a favor. Tabitha has one of them in a freezer and presses them for information.

The Red Hoods are out again and they are burning a church bus. They go back to their hideout and Butch shows up again. They question him about what they’ve been doing and when they were going to kill Penguin but he tells them not to. Tabitha and Barbara show up at the hideout.

Gordon and Bruce are at a diner. Bruce asks Gordon if he misses being a cop. Gordon tells Bruce that he should talk to Selina and tell her how he feels. Bruce hints that he should do the same with Lee. An announcement about Penguin’s party is on the TV and Bruce tells him that he has to go since he is starting to be a Wayne again and Gordon jokingly tells him to give Penguin his best.

Penguin and Ed are talking are talking about the incident. Penguin thinks it’s about him but Ed thinks it’s about the statue. Ed performs a quick experiment on Penguin and figures out where the Red Hoods are hiding. Tabitha and Barbara are arguing over whether or not to give Butch back to Penguin. Bruce says that he didn’t want to hurt Penguin but rather use them so he can get back in his good graces. He makes a deal with Tabitha.

Butch goes back to the hideout and asks the Red Hoods to leave but they want to get paid. As Penguin and his goons arrive, Butch mows down the Hoods himself and makes it look like he took care of them for him. Penguin has a press conference with Butch talking about he single-handedly took care of them. Ed is standing in the background jealous.

The GCPD are investigating the crime scene. Bullock claims that Butch did them all a favor and that it’s over but Ed disagrees and also finds a suit. Barnes talks to Lee about any developments involving the investigation into Alice Tetch’s blood. She tells him about an experiment involving three rats where one went crazy and killed the other two. Barnes is worried that something similar might happen to him.

Penguin’s party is starting. Tabitha reminds Butch that he still owes her. Bruce is there too but he really doesn’t want to be. Alfred tells him that he has to stay long enough for everyone to see him there. Penguin shows up and Bruce thanks him for saving their lives earlier with Galavan. Bruce notices Selina and goes after her. She is walking around and stealing wallets. Ivy notices Selena but she doesn’t recognize her. Ivy doesn’t tell her because it’s fun.

Ed confronts Butch about the Red Hoods. Butch pulls him up by the neck and then Ed suggests that they kill Penguin together. Ed is fed up with being number two and this was his best chance to do something about it. Ed wants him to put on a red hood and shoot him. Butch refuses but then Zsasz pulls a gun on Tabitha and he agrees.

Bruce talks to Selina. She asks him if he recognizes the new Ivy, he says no. He wants to talk to her in private. Penguin is about to give a speech when Butch with a red hood comes out. Ed double crosses him since the gun he gave him has no bullets. They pull guns on him. Tabitha escapes her captivity. Penguin is trying to hold things together and then Tabitha runs out and causes the distraction Butch needs to get to Ed and choke him out. Barbara proclaims that it was the best party ever. Penguin knocks Butch out with a wine bottle. Ed wakes up off the ground.

Bruce tells Selina what he learned about Ivy and Selina is underwhelmed. Bruce tells her that he likes her because there’s something between them (obviously) but Selina doesn’t see it and she is in denial. She kisses Bruce anyway which confuses him because that’s what she wanted.

Vale presses the hematologist for information but he says he can’t. He then offers to do so for certain favors. Gordon comes in and asks him to leave. Gordon offers to tell her what she wants to know but he wants her to buy him dinner first.

Penguin tends to Ed by giving him some tea for his throat. Ed tells him that the whole Butch thing was a stunt in order for Penguin to look good. Ed vows that he would do anything for him.

Tabitha gets on a motorcycle with a machine gun to seemingly go after Butch. Bullock tells Barnes that Butch’s ambulance was hijacked. Barnes gets up without a cane.

The Hatter kidnaps a random woman and dresses her up to look like Alice and talks to her as if she was dead and then slices her throat. He then threatens to hurt those who have hurt him while leaving a note to Gordon written in the woman’s blood.

Overall, this was a decent episode where we got some answers about Alice’s blood and Bruce finally shared with Selina his feelings about her but the end was kind of pointless. Other than that, the show didn’t really go much further. It just moves so slowly because of all its characters but I’m still patient.

Score: 7/10

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