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Keith NoakesOctober 19, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s episode, click here. After a mostly filler episode last week, it was finally nice to go back to the main story so far this season. While there are still questions that are yet to be answered, this episode began answering some of these questions, hopefully leading to some more exciting episodes.

The episode starts off with Simmons talking on the phone with Fitz. She is out looking for places on her day off since she and Fitz are taking their relationship to the next level and are moving in together. Fitz is busy working with Radcliffe on a solution for the ghost problem. Simmons is looking at one particular apartment and things don’t look quite right. She instinctively pulls out her gun and then she is quickly greeted by Daisy who is injured.

Coulson meets Robbie’s uncle Eli (José Zuniga) in prison and presses him for information about the incident at Momentum Alternative Energy Labs and offers him the chance to get out of prison in exchange. Radcliffe and Aida are tending to May. They explain to her what had happened and she can’t quite believe it. Radcliffe tells her that he and Fitz are working on a chemical solution to the ghost problem but they still need her so they can run some tests.

While Simmons is tending to Daisy, Daisy reveals that she found her because she’s been tracking her based on her apartment search. She says that she is happy for the two of them. She reveals that she has evidence proving that the Watchdogs have been getting information on inhumans from hacking the SHIELD servers. She asks Simmons for help but she claims that she cannot voluntarily help her since she is frequently subjected to lie detector tests. Daisy makes it easier by pointing a gun at her.

Eli is surprised when Coulson tells him what happened but he is still hesitant to help. He wants to keep the past where it is. He doesn’t want to get involved because he wants to move on. He leaves. Coulson goes back to Mack outside as Robbie drives by. They spot each other which led to an exciting car chase. Mack and Coulson argued about who should be driving since it looked like they were losing him but Coulson had it all under control once Robbie runs into an invisible ship, knocking him out.

Daisy and Simmons are outside a SHIELD Inhuman registry building where Simmons wants Daisy to help her get remote access. Daisy hands her a flash drive and Simmons runs and gives it to the agent in charge of the building. Daisy is confused watching but when Simmons comes back, she reveals that the she is in charge of the building so it wasn’t as difficult as maybe Daisy intended.

Fitz and Radcliffe are discussing how to manufacture their ghost cure. Fitz spots Aida out in the open with May and gets nervous and Radcliffe reassures him that he is testing her alongside May. Daisy’s plan worked and she now has remote access. She immediately notices hackers attempting to hack the registry. She recognizes a name on the list as James (Hellfire from last season) and wants to go after him alone. Simmons forcibly tags along since they’re not in it together.

Coulson chats with Robbie and gets acquainted with him while he’s in containment. Coulson is interested but is skeptical about the whole deal with the devil thing. Coulson and Mack have a discussion and seeing that they have common interests, Coulson goes to offer him a deal.

Daisy and Simmons head to where James is now located. He apparently works at a fireworks store. They warn him about the Watchdog threat but he doesn’t think much of it since he wants a normal life. Daisy tries to convince him to help them fight back and he seems willing and asks them to meet him later at a storage facility where he has something to give them.

Coulson’s deal with Robbie was that he would let him out if they worked together. First he wants him to talk to Eli for them. If he refused, he’d let him out of the plane before it landed. Aida specifically explains to May what happened to her which she kind of understood. Radcliffe and Fitz ask her to stay a little longer for more tests. Fitz tries to hide Aida’s true nature to May but May still figure out who Aida really was and actually likes her.

Robbie talks to Eli with Coulson and Mack listening in. Eli is skeptical because of the coincidental nature of their meeting but he talks to him anyway. The ghosts from Momentum Alternative Energy Labs were project leaders working for a privately funded think tank, working on next level research and development. They were working on Quantum Particle Generator, which exploded when Joe pushed them too hard and was what turned Lucy and the rest of the staff into ghosts.

Eli feels bad because he warned them about it but they didn’t listen to him. The reason he was in prison was that he was pissed about what happened, he assaulted Joe and put him in a coma. He talks about the book they’ve been so desperately looking for. The book is evil and contains the knowledge that anyone would ever need including how to build some sort of machine. They must leave since they have a situation with an asset. Joe is still in a coma in his room when Lucy shows up, trying to get him to wake up. She touches him using her ghost powers and he wakes up. She asks him where the book is.

Robbie rejoins Coulson and Mack and he wants to go after the book but Coulson and Mack are busy with the asset. Coulson wants Robbie to come with them and then they’d go for the book. Aida confronts Radcliffe about Fitz’s lying to protect her. She is not programmed to lie but Radcliffe says that it’s okay to lie sometimes when it’s to protect someone.

Daisy and Simmons are waiting for James. Simmons pleads to Daisy to not drag him down with her. Simmons is conflicted. James arrives and opens a storage locker and Watchdogs are there waiting for them. James has been helping the Watchdogs and thus has double crossed them. James reveals that he hates inhumans. Daisy uses her powers to help her and Simmons escape. James goes after them.

Using her powers in her condition is hurting Daisy. They are hiding in a locker but James finds them. As he is about to strike them with a burning chain, Robbie shows up and saves them. Robbie morphs into Ghost Rider and engages James. Coulson and Mack are battling other Watchdogs in the fireworks store with Simmons and then Daisy showing up not long after.

Robbie and James’ fight brings them near a whole bunch of fireworks leading to the building exploding. After they get outside, Robbie enters back as normal, pulling James from a chain. James is dead. Daisy is grateful to Coulson for saving her and Simmons. Coulson doesn’t say much as he says that there is nothing much else to say since he’s just glad that they’re safe.

Daisy wants to go after the Watchdogs but Coulson believes that the book is a more pressing issue. It is called Darkhold (Doctor Strange reference). Red Skull, Whitehall, nor Fury couldn’t find it so it is important that they do so it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Coulson tells Daisy that the shipment she was looking for was Lucy and now she is after the book. He tells Daisy and Robbie that it is in their best interest that they all work together. They look like they’re in. They are now heading to Joe who had just woke up from his coma.

May is now leaving Radcliffe’s care and Coulson shows up. May is glad to see him and she’s in with whatever Coulson is doing. Coulson meets Aida and she almost reveals herself to him. Simmons meets Aida and immediately sees who she really was and confronts Fitz about it. She is upset that he kept it from her. Simmons is worried that she is going to have to tell a few lies for her next lie detector test.

Overall, this was the best episode of the season so far, offering an exciting car chase sequence and also giving us plenty of answers to many questions while bringing the whole team together towards an exciting end goal being the Darkhold. I’m glad they didn’t drag out the Aida subplot with everyone now knowing about her so it will be interesting to see her interactions with the others in the future.

Score: 9/10

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