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Keith NoakesOctober 30, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of last week’s episode, click here. The terrorists are closing in on Alex. Miranda is clearly working for the other side but how involved is she? What does Will have to do with any of it? What’s Harry’s stake in all of this? Why is he so interested in Alex and Ryan? What will be the moments that finally connects both timelines? Those are just some of the questions that have not yet been answered so far but this episode starts to cover these.

This episode focused heavily on the past timeline, trying to bridge the gap a little more.


The episode starts off with Harry and Will being very intimate. Will begins to question Harry and becomes skeptical of his intentions for their relationship. Harry doesn’t spend any time with Will and he doesn’t share any details about him including his last name or what he does. Harry manages to talk his way out of it by saying that some like to share information over time. Harry also goes through Will’s phone and gets Shelby’s contact information.

Shelby is at a café where Léon happens to show up. He does not recognize her and they just flirt. Nimah is suspicious of their meeting and tells Shelby that she should stay away from him because he may be dangerous.

Alex and Ryan have figured out Lee’s schedule and manage to look through her room while she is out running. They share how much they miss each other. Harry stops them as they get out but the three are then drugged and then wake up in a compromising position in front of the class. Hall drugged them to teach the class a lesson about illusion and creating narratives, to make something look like something else. Some of the recruits are doing the same exercise separately with Lydia. Harry threatens to expose Alex and Ryan for who they really are.

Alex, Ryan, Shelby, and Nimah have a four-way conversation to share new information. Alex and Ryan tell them that they didn’t find anything in Lee’s room. It might just be a test from Hall but they still need to look into Lee further by getting some biometric information on her. Alex and Ryan warn them about Harry but they are told to handle it by doing whatever it takes.

The recruits are getting their gear but Harry is preventing Alex and Ryan’s many attempts to get Lee’s fingerprints. The recruits are tasked to case Hall’s house, acting like they were never there. They then learn how to manipulate time and cause of death. Because Hall has dirt on Léon, he asks him to do a side job for him. Their operation is to surveill a journalist named Al Crawford who is suspected of leaking state secrets to the Russians. Harry volunteers him, Alex, and Ryan to surveill the Crawford’s room. They also get an endorsement card that lets them get out of jail if they get caught but if they use it, they will be kicked out.

Harry calls Shelby and leaves a message by spoofing Will’s voice, telling her to meet him at the same place they’re going to be. Shelby is worried about Will but Nimah believes it may be a trap but she follows her to the address anyway.

Léon pays a girl to pretend that he wasn’t there and sets up a camera in the Crawford’s room. He takes a picture of him drinking. Léon leaves and spots Shelby who he then asks out for a date. Will calls Nimah and tells her that either his phone is acting up or that his new boyfriend is playing a trick on him. She quickly figures out that it’s Harry. Just as Harry is about to expose Alex, and Ryan, they are called to duty.

Once they arrive to the Crawford’s room, they find a dead body and then get a phone call from Hall saying that he has called the police and he has placed evidence of them throughout the room and also the room is under Alex’s alias’ name. They must find a way to clean it up before the police arrive.

Harry wants to leave but Alex and Ryan ask him for help. He offers to help in exchange for them telling him what he wants to know. He suggests that they switch out everything and find a way to put the room under Hall’s name. Ryan reveals that he is FBI but Alex isn’t.

Hall is talking to the Crawford who happens to be the same journalist who exposed him. This was all a setup that he volunteered for. Hall blackmails him into getting names with the compromising picture which Léon took of him earlier. He informs Lydia that he got what he wanted.

Harry bumps into him and gets Hall’s wallet. He then spots the police heading to the room and Shelby. He can’t do anything about her. Harry gets back to the room and the manger spots him and asks if it was his room. While Harry was away, Alex and Ryan managed to put the room in his name instead and the police take him away.

Shelby is fine with what happened with Harry but Nimah is worried and wants to tell Miranda but Shelby tells her not to. Nimah confronts her about Léon and that she should stay away from the excitement because it would be dangerous for them.

Alex is in Hall’s house and explains to him what happened. She does not feel guilty about what she did to Harry. Hall admits that he was worried about Alex and Ryan considering their past history but they are beginning to prove him otherwise. Alex is there and not Ryan because he sees something special in her. Hall shares the story about the reporter who exposed him and asks her if she was interested in learning from him in which she is interested.

Lee has an awkward conversation with Ryan about Chicken Kiev. She opens up to him about getting used to this new life and missing her family. Lee thanks him for listening and she feels better. He serves her a drink and gets her fingerprints. Harry miraculously returns from the police by finding a way to get out without using his endorsement card. He wants to talk.

They are at a bar. Harry reveals that he is an MI6 agent and everyone except for the other recruits know about it. He’s part of a foreign exchange program where he trains with the CIA. They deny being anything other than CIA recruits but Harry doesn’t believe them. Once he pretty much figures it out and threatens to tell Hall, they come clean by saying that they are CIA and FBI agents but they would have to talk to their supervisors before saying more.

They share that they suspect Lee and share the bug they found in Alex’s room. Harry reveals that it was his and that he has planted another in Ryan’s which they haven’t found. Harry wants them to call their supervisors because they are not going back until they have complete transparency.

Lee talks to her kids and tells them that she is at their grandma’s house. Owen thanks Léon for what he did for him and also gets the names he wanted from Crawford. Shelby and Léon meet at the same café. He doesn’t know her name and he’s fine with it.


Alex is running away from the terrorists. The mood is tense in the FBI command centre and Miranda gets a message saying that Boyer is dead and that time is running out. The terrorists are still looking for her but little did they know, Alex happened to be among them and managed to take them all out, not before taking a phone from one of them.

Miranda needs an off the record favor from Shelby. She needs her to get Will who doesn’t technically work for them. Shelby thanks Miranda for trusting her. Shelby shares her suspicions about Miranda with Will. She needs him to look into her because she needs to know for sure.

More terrorists are still hunting Alex. She intercepts their last communication. As she is trying to find a way out, the lights go out. The terrorists put on their night vision goggles and are getting closer. They have her.

Will convinces Shelby to not believe Boyer’s claim about Miranda and also figures out that Boyer was working with the terrorists but later changed his mind.

The terrorists are seemingly about to execute Alex but are somehow taken out by another one who lets her go.

Miranda gets a call from Will on her secret phone and tells her that he knows about her and understands why she did what she did. He also tells her that he convinced Shelby of her innocence and that he’s in.

While running down stairs, Alex runs into Lydia.

Overall, this was another good episode that fleshed out the past timeline by developing the relationship between Alex, Ryan, and Harry and gave us a more info on Hall’s past. Because of the focus on the past, the present timeline kind of stalled by keeping the Miranda subplot in a holding pattern .

Score: 8/10

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