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Keith NoakesNovember 10, 2016

If you would like to read a recap of the last episode, click here. It’s been a while, almost a month to be exact. The last episode, which was the best so far, really showcased Murtaugh and Riggs’ relationship. While the focus was on Murtaugh, Riggs still has a long history and it is time to explore it a little more.

The episode starts off with a woman being chased by a Ferrari. She ends up running into a tree followed by the car pinning her against the tree and killing her. The driver then walks out of the car and gazes at her dead body.

Riggs wakes up and finds new neighbors from Amsterdam who are badly playing Duran Duran. Riggs asks them to leave and find another spot but they refuse because it is a public beach. Riggs destroys their amp and walks away.

Murtaugh’s very excited about getting a new TV. Trish teases that he won’t remember how to use it tomorrow. The TV starts to play a slideshow that eventually gets to racy pictures of Riana. Murtaugh is obviously upset that Riana texted a photo to someone and she walks off. RJ memorized the phone number she texted. Trish says that she’ll talk to her once she calms down.

At the morgue, Sonya tells Murtaugh and Riggs them that the Ferrari is unregistered but has a licence frame from a dealership called Prime Exotics. Scorsese finds a mysterious substance on the victim’s feet and sent it to get analyzed. Murtaugh pulls Sonya aside and asks her to look into the phone number.

Murtaugh and Riggs are at the dealership. Murtaugh tries to talk to the owner but Riggs gets into another Ferrari. He won’t tell Murtaugh who bought the Ferrari as it would violate his customers’ privacy. Murtaugh makes fun of the owner’s tan. Riggs takes the Ferrari on a test drive. He is driving erratically, taking out his frustration and trying to get the owner to reveal the killing Ferrari’s owner. He gives Riggs the name, Dylan Ashworth. Once they get back Murtaugh tells Riggs that he already has the name because he just asked someone else. The owner says Riggs is crazy.

Avery warns Riggs but not Murtaugh about the Ashworths and how they are an influential, rich family. They go to a party at Dylan’s mansion but it is being hosted by a man named Julian. Riggs recognizes a woman from his past and runs towards her. Murtaugh runs into Dylan (Roberto Aguire). He claims to not know anything and doesn’t seem to care about what happened. As soon as he pulls out some cocaine, Murtaugh arrests him and takes him away. Riggs catches up to the woman as she drives away and realizes that it is his wife Miranda’s old roommate named Rachel (Elizabeth McLaughlin).

Riggs is watching an old wedding video and gets interrupted again by his new neighbors. They know have an acoustic guitar. Riggs tricks them into giving him their guitar and then he smashes it. Trish talks to Riana and warns her that if she doesn’t respect her body then no one else will. Murtaugh interrogates Dylan and he says he didn’t do it because was busy with a bunch of naked women. The Ashworth family lawyer and his father Henry (Christopher Stanley) come in and stops the interrogation. Avery apologizes to them. Avery understands how Murtaugh feels but he wants them to have solid evidence before going after them.

Murtaugh tells Avery that Riggs is pursuing a lead alone. Riggs visits Rachel. She denies being at the party. Riggs mentions the murder, leading them to go inside. Rachel tells him that she was invited by Julian. She denied being there because she didn’t want Riggs to think she was one of “those” people. They reminisce about Miranda and she gives him a lead on Julian but she still wants to catch up.

Murtaugh and Riggs are at a hotel. They see Julian (Tanc Sade) give some sort of pitch to someone and gives them a card. He sees a another woman across the room and goes to give her another card and then they go their separate ways. Murtaugh and Riggs split up and as soon as Riggs leaves, Murtaugh gets the bill.

Riggs stops Julian on the street and kicks off his side mirror. Murtaugh is heading for a hotel room. Riggs manages to get Julian’s log book. Murtaugh walks in and the woman is willingly getting flogged. Murtaugh calls Riggs and tells them they have nothing. Riggs still asks Julian if he knows the dead girl but he claims not to. Riggs warns him about not get pulled over again.

Sonya has information on the phone number Murtaugh gave her. It belongs to a 19 year old surfing instructor named Chauncey (Hart Denton) who has been charged for pickpocketing and who happens to have the same racy picture on his Facebook. Murtaugh gets Riggs to come help him beat him up. Riggs is in an unfamiliar position being the voice of reason. Chauncey claims to not know who she is. They get him to come to one of Julian’s parties and pickpocket his logbook off of him.

Riggs brings the book to Rachel. He figures out that she was one of Julian’s girls but he’s not judging. She tells him that the coded names are based on things that remind Julian of them. She also tells them that Dylan was innocent since she was with him that night. As soon as Riggs leaves, she gets a visit from Julian but she doesn’t want to go with him.

Back at the morgue, Scorsese discovers that the mysterious substance on the victim’s feet was tree sap from a rare maple tree and was also able to connect the sap to three other similar unsolved murders. Trish is upset and confronts Murtaugh about Chauncey, telling him that he broke up with Riana. Murtaugh tells her about Riana’s picture on his Facebook page and the fact that he may know several Riannas and she is on Murtaugh’s side and decides to go and give Chauncey a piece of her mind.

Sonya is going over Julian’s logbook and she and Avery figure out that the victim was with Henry Ashworth. Scorsese then comes in and is able to connect Henry to one of the unsolved murders and tells them that he owns one of the same rare maple trees. Julian is about to host another sex party and tries to set up Rachel with Henry. She wants to leave and Julian won’t let her. Henry tells her that he asked for her specifically.

Murtaugh and Riggs arrive and Riggs punches the security guard so they can get in. Rachel and Henry are in a bedroom and Rachel is not really into it. She manages to get away but Henry starts to chase her. Rachel gets to the street but Henry starts to chase in her in a SUV. Riggs catches up to them and is chasing Henry in his car. Once Riggs gets close enough, he shoots the back of Henry’s car, forcing it to fly over Rachel and start to tumble. Riggs goes to her and as they walk away, the car explodes.

Murtaugh apologizes to Riana for earlier. He just wants her think of it from his point of view. Once she has kids, she will want to protect them. Riggs visits Rachel and learns that she is moving back to Wisconsin. She asks him why he isn’t going back to Texas and says that there are still bad people and traffic but he also found good spots.

Back on the beach, Riggs wakes up to Murtaugh, who brought in a truck, pulling his new neighbors away. They sit and have a beer and Riggs tells Murtaugh that he picked that spot on the beach because it had some significance seeing that it was Miranda’s favorite spot since it was where she would go to think.

Overall, this was another good episode where Murtaugh and Riggs were both enjoyable to watch with their relationship often overcoming the case of the week that isn’t always there. We learned a little more about Riggs and we got another of those quiter moments with the two of them that make this show fun every week.

Score: 8/10

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