Day: December 2, 2016

The Great Wall International Trailer

If you would like to watch the first trailer, click here. The Great Wall is an interesting one in that it is a Chinese, big-budget, epic, fantasy action movie featuring Matt Damon for whatever reason. The first trailer was full of excitement but for those who want more, a super-sized 9 minute trailer was recently released, offering more footage and introducing us to the story and some of the main characters. At least that’s what it looks like since it is mostly in Chinese, other than the parts with Damon and co-stars Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe.  The Great Wall releases February 17th, 2017.


South Park Season 20 Episode 9: Not Funny Review

South Park took a jab at itself this week when Kyle delivered one of his trademark and pragmatic speeches to the town. He said their behavior this season wasn’t them. When there was a problem in the town they used to fix it – referencing the old style of half-hour standalone episodes – but now they just sit back and let things happen and expect it to resolve itself. Continue reading “South Park Season 20 Episode 9: Not Funny Review”

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