Day: December 30, 2016

Guest Review: Paterson (2016)

By: CineMuseFilms

Jim Jarmusch films can be challenging and Paterson (2016) is no exception. Audiences who are accustomed to plot or character-driven stories will find themselves grappling instead with a mood in search of a reason. Without a genre label to help, we must work through an exploratory essay into the ordinariness of human existence elevated occasionally by the creative impulse to write poetry. If it sounds cerebral, then it’s a Jarmusch film.

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2016: The Movie Trailer

2016 has been a tumultuous year for some. Some may not have had as lucky of a time. Celebrities and musicians have died (a lot of celebrities and musicians have died), countries have seceded, and an orange businessman was elected president among many things. It was just a scary time, in general. It all sounds like it would be great material for a horror movie and lucky enough for us, a Youtube channel called Friend Dog Studios created a trailer for their own horror movie entitled 2016: The Movie. It was just pure genius, from its writing and production value. I don’t know if it’s an actual movie but I’d sure see it.

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