24 Reasons Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad Are The Same Movie

If you would ask anyone to name two disappointing movies from 2016, they would probably be Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad. One was an okay reboot that not many people wanted and the other was an okay but rather boring, DC villain team-up movie that failed to utilize its great characters whatsoever. Some may not have realized that these two movies may have more in common than you would think. The YouTube channel Couch Tomato created a video containing 24 reasons why Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad are the same movie. I’ll have to say that these arguments are rather convincing and I definitely would not have thought of them at the time. Just shows you the originality in Hollywood these days I suppose. Its unfortunate that they probably won’t get any sequels since the material in both movies was promising but that’s how it goes sometimes.


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