Day: January 5, 2017

Guest Review: Southside With You (2016)

By: CineMuseFilms

It takes a brave director to make a romantic bio-pic featuring a current US President and First Lady. Unless you come from another planet it is impossible to view Southside with You (2016) outside the realm of contemporary politics. Although the summer of 1989 is a long way from the events of 2016, the story of Barack and Michelle’s first time out together will be seen by many through their own political lens. Its release in the middle of a Presidential election environment was guaranteed to polarise opinion.

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 16: Crossing Review

A new land, plots, planning, and the aftermath of Ragnar Lothbrok’s death were the fundamentals beats in tonight’s episode of Vikings titled “Crossing”. After such a big and important episode in “All His Angels”, “The Crossing” showed us what is to become of Vikings (the show) after Ragnar’s death, setting up events and building up tension to what Ragnar’s sons will do next.

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