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Sherlock is back. While Moriarty’s presence, alive or not, looms large, the season so far has focused on the other characters. The last episode, focused on Watson and Mary, ending in tragic circumstances and affecting his and Sherlock’s relationship. Of course they would still be together somehow and will hopefully set-up a big reveal in the finale. At least the finale’s episode title hints at this. As always, beware of potential spoilers below. Advertisements

Everyone knows the story of The Wizard of OZ. Whether it’s from L. Frank Baum’s series of books, Judy Garland’s wonderful 1939 film adaptation, the acclaimed Broadway play, or the numerous sub-par renditions out there, the story of Dorothy is engrained in our culture. This time it’s NBC’s turn to tell the story, and like many unnecessary Hollywood remakes, Emerald City is deeply flawed and makes us yearn for an industry that values creativity and...

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