Day: January 14, 2017

Emerald City Season 1 Episode 3: Mistress – New – Mistress Review

We are now three episodes in and it’s become pretty clear that NBC’s new drama, Emerald City, is all flash and no substance. The show is well made and fun to look at but the story just isn’t there right now. This week, Dorothy and Lucas continued their journey to find the Wizard of OZ. While on the road they hitched a ride with a traveling circus but it was cut short when the Wizard’s guard stopped the caravan to look for (and kill) Dorothy.

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Guest Review: Silence (2016)

In the age of Twitter and instant social media reactions, the movies that get the most praise are usually the ones that grab you in the moment, during the runtime of the film. Whether it be quippy dialogue, fast action, or a story that moves at a brisk pace, you walk out of the theater and you know that you liked that movie (this is not an insult by any means, I’m thinking of Up in the Air or The Social Network as examples). Then there are movies that sit with you. Maybe you weren’t so sure when you left the theater, but as more time and thought is dedicated to it you realize that what you witnessed truly is masterful. Enter the latest film by Martin Scorsese, Silence.

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Live by Night – An Overambitious Crime Drama

Ben Affleck has had hit more that he has missed when it comes to directing films so I was excited to see his latest effort with Live by Night. This film marks the return to the work of author Dennis Lehane, the author behind Gone Baby Gone, the source of Affleck’s first directorial effort. The mostly bad reviews came as a surprise but they were unfortunately warranted.

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